David standing on large tree trunk
Stump Grinding 1

Stump Grinding

We can handle the biggest of stump jobs or smallest. We have removed 100 stumps for a client…and 1 stump for another client. If your goal is an attractive lawn area or to make it look like the tree was never there, then these additional services may be of interest to you. Many homeowners are surprise at how large the mound of wood chips is and how much work is involved to move what can be a cubic yard or more of wood chips. The lawn planting expertise of our separate landscaping teams helps us to deliver quality lawn planting results for you.

Going the extra mile….

While most tree companies just grind the stump and leave you with a HUGE mound of wood chips, we can provide you with the option of additional services including….
Removing the HUGE mound of wood chips created when grinding your stumps
Replacing the wood chips with top soil
Planting grass