white oak tree
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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Trees & shrubs in the woods benefit from rich soil created by decomposed leaves and from the “insulation” provided by other trees against storms in the woods. Trees & shrubs in a suburban or urban setting do not enjoy these benefits and may suffer from competition for nutrients and water from lawns, encroaching driveways, roads, sidewalks, injury from construction, etc.

Fertilization can help to address nutrient deficiency, discourage disease and insect problems and help your trees and shrubs to be healthy and beautiful.

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Trees and shrubs in manicured suburban locations often do not benefit from the nutrient replenishing cycle of decomposing leaves, sticks etc. 

We can help your trees and shrubs with periodic feeding to help to compensate for the lack of this natural feeding cycle. 

We use a variety of fertilizers including an organic kelp based fertilizer that we inject into the root zone of trees and shrubs.

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